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  Festivities & Entertainement

Third Sunday in May - Sagra del Limone (Festival of Lemons)
The festival brings together the whole community to decorate the village with numerous variations of typical local products, as mentioned by Montale in his poems. Hosted by Tragagia' from Pro-Loco and the Comune.

June 23/24 - Festival of San Giovanni Battista
On the first night, there is the traditional bonfire on the beach, where the children of the village, throughout the month, have collected "old stuff" to burn.
On the 24th, there is a fireworks demonstration and a religious procession, then Candles lit. on the beach and released into the sea, creating a beautiful effect as the lights reflect on the water.

Augusth 14th - Madonna di Soviore
"PROCESSION OF PILGRIMS" with children dressed in the clothes of the pilgrims of the year 1400 and the large crucifixes of the two church brotherhoods carried on the shoulders carried up to the antique Santuary at Soviore overlooking the village of Monterosso.

Sagra dell'Acciuga (Anchovy Festival)
Anchovies are a specialty of the village and were historically preserved under salt for practical reasons. They are still made and kept in glass containers and enjoyed, seasoned with olive oil and accompanied by a glass of local white wine. Each year, Monterosso respects the ancient tradition of it's village and anchovy fishermen by providing a banquet of anchovies for everyone to sample and enjoy.
Sea permitting, the festival is concluded with a tour by boat to admire the lampare, spotlight boats used for anchovy fishing-this style of fishing is fast becoming a lost art.

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