Walking up the steep path which from Morioni Valley winds between the river and the typical stone walls around the vegetable gardens, you reach St. Mary Magdalene’s Retreat. The upper part of the path is almost entirely inside the lush Holm Oak grove and in some sections you will come across Cork Oak trees. The path culminates on the hillside which, up to the XVIII century was called Terriccio, now the name is no longer in use. The zone is not too far from the historic Paleo-Ligurian itinerary starting from the current San Venerio, through the Parish Churches of St. Stephen The Martyr and Pignone, going upwards to Albareto (this location is the origin of the Monterosso population) and then going down to Soviore, to the end of Levanto Valley and, lastly, upwards again to the present day Montale.

The top of this hill hosts the ruins of the Church of St. Laurence (San Lorenzo al Terriccio), first mentioned in 1244 and which, in 1428 obtained the title of St. Mary Magdalene.

The Retreat of St. Mary Magdalene is composed, even if close to one another, of two distinct buildings, the Church and the Monastery. There are two doors to go inside, with pointed arches made of brick, one to the south and the other to the north. The ruins of primitive, boundary walls can still be seen.

TIME: 1 H 15

DROP: 325MT.




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