Itineraries from Monterosso

For centuries the trails, and the sea were the only connection from one town to the next and also for the towns inland.

Here below you will find some suggested itineraries. For more information and materials (maps, hours etc.)  please go to the office of the Proloco.

Trekking: Monterosso – Santuario di Soviore

The path to Soviore Sanctuary N509 starts at the end of Via Roma, the main road in the historic centre of Monterosso. Pass the round-about near the bar to the restricted traffic area. On the left you [...]

Trekking: Monterosso – Levanto

The path starts in the Fegina area and on the right goes upwards to the famous Statue of the Giant, one of the first sculptures in reinforced cement dating from 1910. It is 14 [...]

Trekking: Monterosso – Vernazza

The SVA trail will take about an hour and a half going up and down hills to the  colorful town of Vernazza. Looking at the sea you need to go to your left and pass [...]

Trekking: Monterosso – Eremo della Maddalena

Walking up the steep path which from Morioni Valley winds between the river and the typical stone walls around the vegetable gardens, you reach St. Mary Magdalene’s Retreat. The upper part of the path is [...]