The path to Soviore Sanctuary N509 starts at the end of Via Roma, the main road in the historic centre of Monterosso. Pass the round-about near the bar to the restricted traffic area. On the left you will see the steps rising among the ancient stone walls surrounding by vegetable gardens. Pass behind the rooms-for-rent and continue your ascent among the olive groves and forest. Along the path you will see some niches denoting the religious aspect of this itinerary. After approximately 40 minutes walking, you reach the road open to vehicles; cross the tarmac road and continue your ascent among the green forests and undergrowth. Along your walk, there are a few bends before reaching the Sanctuary. You will come upon a chapel built in 1863 on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Soviore following an epidemic. According to legend, this was the point in which the Statue of the Virgin Mary was unearthed, to whom the Sanctuary was dedicated. The statue of the Virgin Mary, which was sculpted from a single block of wood, dates from the XIV century and is of Swabian origin. It does not incarnate a “sorrowful” and “crying” reverence, typical of the Mediterranean, but a serene Virgin Mary before the imminent Resurrection. Christ himself, of almost childlike dimensions, has his head up as he awaits Resurrection. Every twenty-five years, on occasion of the Jubilee year, the statue is brought to Monterosso to be worshipped by the inhabitants of the village and a huge party is held for all.

From Soviore, heading west, you can create a loop: on reaching Gritta Hillside, walk for another two hours along path N591 to Mesco Point and then descend to Monterosso, on the Fegina side. Or you can continue on the eastern side, following path N591 which becomes N582 in the direction of Madonna di Reggio, then descending to Vernazza along path N506.

TIME: 1 H 15

DROP: 460MT.




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